Manual text mining approaches were common in the 1980’s before automation was possible. These manual methods were extremely labor intensive and were quite time consuming. As computer technology and hardware capability’s increased over the last 30 years text mining has become an accepted field of data analytics which relies heavily on complex data mining methods and vast syntax and semantics’ algorithms to return high quality information from text.


Organizations are now starting to realize that there are many potential uses for text mining. These uses are quite ranged and affect many different areas of interest.

Fields of study where text mining is becoming popular include

  • Security
  • Academic Research
  • Software
  • Online Media
  • Biomedical
  • Marketing

Why do we need Text MiningEdit

Text mining can allow managers to go through vast ammounts of unorginized text data to find useful hidden information such as patterns. Today while we may put all of our data in to some sort of digitial device it is estimated that 80% of that data is stored in some type of unsorted text.